Global Road Warrior

With in-depth coverage on 175 countries, Global Road Warrior forges ahead as the most comprehensive cultural, business, and travel database. Its easy-to-use format immerses you in the traditions, habits, and social norms of people around the globe. From cultural stereotypes and superstitions, to social and business etiquette, to women's role in society - everything from dating rituals, holidays and festivals, to 5 to 10 classic recipes for each country, and visa and passports information, all accessible in a standard country-by-country format. Major categories include: · Society and Culture (What are taboo gifts in Saudi Arabia?) · Food and Recipes (What are classic dishes in Iceland and how do I make them?) · Communications (Will my cell phone work in Zimbabwe?) · Travel (What are notable places to visit in Japan?) · Business Culture (What should I expect at a business meeting in India?) · Money and Banking (What do banknotes and coins look like in Indonesia?) · Country Maps (9 downloadable maps per country) · and more than 20 other topics with integrated photographs Users find it helpful for school projects, business research, travel planning, or simply satisfying one's curiosity.