Great News for EBook Readers!


You can now check out eBooks from the library and read them on your Kindle or Kindle mobile app!  The library is part of the WILBOR Consortium, which offers both downloadable eBooks and e-audiobooks for free to library patrons. Most WILBOR eBooks are now compatible with Kindle, and the process will seem familiar to WILBOR and Kindle users.

“We’ve been waiting for the eBooks that we offer through WILBOR to be available to our patrons with Kindles and the Kindle app on their mobile devices, and we’re excited that even more people will be able to make use of the downloadable eBooks,” said Library Director Nathan Clark.

You will need an Amazon account to download to a Kindle or Kindle app, but you won’t need a credit card—just an e-mail address to create an account.  If you already have an Amazon account and have been purchasing Kindle books, it will look familiar to you.

Look for eBooks that have “Kindle Book” as an option on the WILBOR website, check them out as usual, but instead of “Download” you’ll see a “Get for Kindle” button, which will take you to Amazon where you can “Get library book” and select the Kindle or app device to which you want to deliver the book.

The library’s patrons may check out eBooks and e-audiobooks on the WILBOR website:

All you need is your library card!

In addition to compatibility with the Kindle, the library has more good news to share about eBooks. Beginning soon, the library will have its own set of titles available that are seamlessly integrated into the WILBOR consortium collection. These titles will be only available to Emmetsburg Public Library patrons and will primarily be extra copies of titles by popular authors and the hot titles that everybody is reading.

Although the consortium regularly purchases several copies of popular titles, they still must be shared among the many member libraries’ patrons. So, it is not uncommon to see waiting lists of 60+ patrons for the consortium’s 10 copies of the newest James Patterson.

The library plans to focus its purchasing with its Emmetsburg-only titles on these books to relieve waiting lists. This way, patrons get to take advantage of the breadth of the large consortium collection while being able to enjoy relatively short wait times on new and popular titles: the best of both worlds!

Naturally, all titles purchased as part of the Emmetsburg-only collection will be compatible with Kindles as well as the other already supported eBook-readers.

All you need is your library card!