Free Evidence-Based Influenza Information from EBSCO

As public concern about Pandemic H1N1 and the upcoming flu season continues to grow, the medical and nursing editors from EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) respond by offering the latest evidence-based flu-related information available for free.
Free Evidence-Based Influenza Information from EBSCO

Learn more about influenza viruses and vaccines.

The Emmetsburg Public Library invites patrons interested in learning more about developments relating to the Pandemic Influenza A H1N1 and seasonal viruses to visit the following free web resource:   Below is an explanation of the resource provide by EBSCO, a provider of many of the library's databases:

The information provided For Physicians and For Nurses consolidates the best-available evidence from hundreds of medical and nursing journals and systematic evidence review databases. Each publication is reviewed cover-to-cover, and each article is evaluated for clinical relevance and scientific validity. The new evidence is then integrated with existing content, and overall conclusions are changed as appropriate representing a synthesis of the best available evidence and ensuring that health care providers stay current with recommendations for monitoring, diagnosing, and treating patients with flu-like illnesses.

The For Patients section includes the latest information on Pandemic H1N1 and Seasonal Influenza. These patient topics take advantage of the same evidence-based methodology and literature surveillance process as the topics written for healthcare providers.  The resources are written specifically for patients, their families, co-workers, parents and teachers—anyone interested in learning more about the various strains of the flu or what to do it they or someone they know is diagnosed.

The patient education information provides non-medical professionals with current, easy to understand articles about Pandemic H1N1 and Seasonal Flu. The information may also be used by physicians and nurses as patient handouts.

The EBSCO editorial teams will continue to monitor information and update these resources as needed throughout the upcoming flu season.